How to dress your cat to look adorable?

How to dress your cat to look adorable?

To make your cat look more adorable, now cat parents dress their cats with various fashion items, one of which is cat dresses. In addition to looking fashionable, cat clothes also have the benefit of warming the cat's body in cold weather. There are many types of materials and designs on the market, ranging from cute to elegant.

Do you need to dress your cat?

Except for the sphynx cat, most cat breeds have fur that covers their entire body. Both short hair and long hair, fur protects cats from weather and other external factors. Therefore, unlike humans, dressing a cat is not a must. However, that does not mean that cat clothes are useless, you know. Dressing appropriately in low temperatures can help your cat warm up.

In addition, clothing can prevent the cat from scratching itself excessively. This is especially useful for cats who are in treatment or recovery. That way, the cat's skin is not sore and red because it is often scratched. Finally, cats will become more cute and fashionable with various clothes designs. Surely this can be an entertainer for cat lovers, right?

How to choose cat clothes?

Again, one way to make the cat look more adorable is to use accessories in the form of clothes. The most important thing about choosing cat clothes is comfort and safety.

Choose based on the material

Like clothes for humans, cat clothes are also made of various materials. Get to know the benefits of each ingredient for your cat!

Comfortable cotton material

Cotton is known for its high comfort and durability. The material is soft so it will not cause itching when in contact with cat fur. In addition, clothes made of cotton breathe well and cool the cat's body. Perfect for hot days. Plus, this material is easy to care for because it is safe to wash in a washing machine. Cotton cat clothes are usually combined with other materials, such as linen, polyester, and nylon. If this is your first time buying cat clothes, this material is highly recommended.

Pet Clothes Warm Yellow Chicken Princess Dress

Warm fleece and wool

Fleece and wool are widely used to make sweaters, jackets, blankets, and hats. This material is soft and warm. If you live in an area where the weather is quite cold, this material is highly recommended. You can also choose this material if the cat likes to go out, for example relaxing on the terrace when it is cold or rainy.

The difference between the two materials is that fleece is lighter and dries faster than wool. However, wool warms a cat's body better. However, keep in mind that cats already have fur to protect them from the cold. Only wear woolen clothes when the weather is very cold.

Mesh material for good air circulation

As previously explained, cats have fur to protect their bodies from cold weather. Therefore, be careful not to overheat the cat by dressing it in inappropriate materials.

If the temperature in the area where you live tends to be high, it's a good idea to choose a cat shirt with a mesh material. This material has small holes on its surface so that it allows air to pass in and out. Try it with a princess tutu cat, a lightweight material so your cat won't feel too uncomfortable wearing it.

Choose a design that doesn't limit the cat's space

Today, the model of cat clothes is as diverse as clothes for humans. Seeing the cute designs, you will be interested in buying them all, right? However, apart from the design, it is equally important to make sure that the clothes are comfortable for your cat.

Make sure the design doesn't have accents or clothing accessories that interfere with the cat's movement. If your cat is active, we recommend buying a simple, easy-to-wear cat outfit. This way, your cat can jump, run and play without any problems.

Choose the one that fits your cat's body size

Depending on the breed and lifestyle, cats can grow to different body sizes. There are small and thin cat breeds, there are also large cat breeds like the Maine Coon. Therefore, before buying cat clothes, measure the cat's body so that it is the right size. The length of the back, chest, and neck circumference are usually needed to determine the appropriate size.

In addition, be careful not to wear clothes that are too tight for the cat. In addition to being uncomfortable, some cats can freeze and not move when wearing them. The reason is that the cat will experience the feeling of being gripped. This can trigger the cat's survival instincts, such as when it is caught by a predator so it will freeze.

Choose one that is safe for cats

For your beloved cat, of course, you want safe cat clothes. Pay attention to whether the dress model has small accessories such as beads. These small objects can come off and it is feared that your cat will swallow them. Also, check for lint dangling behind or under the cat's body. These fabrics can get caught or stepped on and injure your cat.

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