The Right Type Of Fabric To Prevent Cat Hair From Sticking

The Right Type Of Fabric To Prevent Cat Hair From Sticking

Undeniably, keeping a pet means being ready to accept the consequences, namely fur scattered everywhere.

It's important to know that the number of threads in the fabric affects how much pet hair, such as dogs, cats, and other furry animals, adheres to or repels the fabric.

A higher yarn count means a softer fabric but a denser woven fiber. A tighter woven fabric will attract less or no pet hair.

Remember to avoid highly textured furniture fabrics, and knitwear as pet hair can get caught in the yarn and is not an excellent furniture material against pet hair.

Here are some excellent pet materials because they won't hold much of their fur summarized by cindyone.

  1. Skin

Leather is highly resistant to pet dander. It is easy to clean and holds pet hair and stains very well.

Your pet's hair will not stick to the skin but will stick to the surface of your furniture and accumulate if not cleaned.

  1. Microfiber

The individual threads used to make the microfiber cloth are spun so tightly that it makes it difficult for pet hair to stick to the fabric. Microfibers are more robust and less prone to breakage than natural fibers.

In addition, the microfiber material is resistant to mildew.

  1. Denim

Although not the best choice on the list, denim also prevents pet hair from sticking. Denim is more resistant to animal hair than most fabrics, such as velvet or corduroy.

  1. Linen

Linen has a great fiber that is very absorbent and dries very quickly. The fabric is perfect and durable. Linen is known to reduce stress and improve the quality of your sleep. The material weaves very well, making it resistant to your pet's fur.

  1. 100 percent cotton fabric

The tightly woven 100 percent cotton fabric is resistant to pet dander. The higher the thread count, the tighter the weave, making it more of a pet hair-resistant fabric.

Here are various styles that can be applied to your pet!

Elegant and multifunctional vest

If your cat is trained to walk outdoors, there's nothing wrong with buying this outfit. The reason is that this shirt is equipped with a rope so that it also functions as a harness. There's no need to buy expensive extra straps or harnesses anymore. The model of the vest with the bow tie is also elegant. Guaranteed, your cat will instantly look like an aristocratic cat!

Turn your cat into your favorite Disney character!

Do you have a favorite Disney character? If so, why not dress your cat like this character? This cotton cat and dog shirt is comfortable to wear and has a simple design. Guarantees not to interfere with your cat's daily activities. In addition, there are many character choices. Want to be Woody, Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, or a cat pilot costume today?

Simple design with cool colors

We recommend choosing this product if you have a kitten who is actively playing. This cat t-shirt has a simple design. The absence of a collar or sleeve allows the meow to remain agile and move without problems. All the colors are pastel colors that are soothing to the eyes. If you buy cat clothes for the first time, you should try this product because it tends to be safe.

Warm up in style with a bee costume

To protect your cat from the cold, sweaters and scarves may become commonplace. However, this sweater for cats is different from the others because it is in the shape of a bee. The yellow and black stripes look like natural bees. Plus, there is a hood with two cute antennae as a sweetener. Warming yourself up in style? Trendy cat!


How to get rid of cat hair on clothes

After seeing the style that matches your favorite cat. You will then worry about the cat's fur flying everywhere. For cat lovers, this problem is not a new thing to find. Immediately washing clothes full of cat hair will only make the fur spread. Check out how to remove cat hair on clothes quickly in the following review,

  1. Duct tape. The sticky surface of the duct tape can be used to remove cat hair from clothes. It's easy. Just stick the sticky surface of the tape on the clothes with cat hair.
  2. Brush. Use a toothbrush or clothes brush to remove cat hair from clothes. Rub gently on the clothes so as not to damage the fabric to get rid of stubborn cat hair.
  3. Hair Dryers. Set the Hair Dryer to the highest wind strength, but use the lowest temperature. We will only use the wind to fly the cat's fur on the clothes by not damaging the fabric fibers due to high temperatures.
  4. Rubber. Use the principle of rubber, which, when rubbed, will produce a static electric charge so that it will automatically lift the cat's fur with ease. Examples of rubber materials that can be used are balloons and rubber gloves.
  5. Rollers. A fur-cleaning roller is a tool created to clean the fur and dust that sticks to clothes. Just rub the sticky surface of the roller into the clothes to easily lift the cat's fur. If it is not sticky, the paper on the roller can be refilled with a new one.


The easiest way to remove cat hair on dresses for cats without using a tool is to wet our hands before wiping in the direction of the clothes. This way, the cat's fur will clump together and can be removed easily.

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