About Us


Welcome to Cindyone Co., a global pioneer in the pet supplies industry. We are a company dedicated to the provision of premium quality pet products, incorporating innovative designs, impeccable functionality, and the utmost comfort for your beloved companions.

Our strength lies in our ability to control every step of the product creation process. As an integrated manufacturer, we have the capacity to design and produce a vast array of pet supplies ranging from collars, leashes, and toys, to pet beds, feeding equipment, and grooming products. Our dedicated in-house team of designers and craftsmen apply their extensive experience and passion for pets to create products that meet the unique needs of different animal species, breeds, and sizes. We always prioritize safety, durability, and pet-friendly materials in our products.

In addition to our unique product offerings, Cindyone Co. also offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services. This means that we provide our expertise and manufacturing capacity to other brands seeking to produce high-quality pet supplies under their own name. Our OEM services cover all stages from initial product design and prototype testing to final production and quality assurance, offering a comprehensive solution for brands aiming to launch or expand their own pet product lines.

At Cindyone Co., our goal is to enhance the bond between pets and their owners through high-quality, well-designed products. We always strive to bring joy, comfort, and convenience to pets and their families around the world."

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