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Water Food Multifunction Portable Outdoors Pet Feeder

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Product Type: Pet Portable Bottle

Material: PC,ABS

Size: 7*25.5cm,200ml

Pattern: None

Suitable For: Dog,Cat

Season: Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter

1. Easy to use: the water can push out as long as pushing gently, not needing to press.
2. Segmented Design: the upper is water cup and the lower is food container.
3. Food-grade ABS: the heat-resistant ABS meets FDA requirements to ensure that pet water bottles are safe and non-toxic, and keep pet dogs or cats healthy and vigorous.
4. Leakage-proof: silicone sealing ring design to ensure that water will not leak into your bag.
5. Portability and Convenience: with reasonable capacity, it is very suitable for walking and traveling with dogs or cats.