Type Of Comb That Suits The Cat's Hair

Type Of Comb That Suits The Cat's Hair

A healthy and hairy cat does look cute and adorable. However, thick and unkempt fur can make cats  uncomfortable and can even cause health problems. Therefore, a cat comb is a must-have grooming tool.

Cats that are easily stressed when groomed will usually rebel when it comes to brushing their fur. The approach to using equipment that reduces the risk of stress can optimize the grooming process.

Consider the type of comb that suits your use.

There are many types of pet comb for cats. Each comb has a different way of use and characteristics. Therefore, understand the difference and choose the one that suits your cat's coat condition.

Rubber type and mitt brush, for cats who are reluctant to be combed

The rubber comb has a characteristic that feels soft when it touches the cat's body. The soft nature of the rubber comb can reduce the uncomfortable feeling your cat feels when combing. Therefore, this product is suitable for cats who do not like to be combed.

Another advantage of a rubber comb is that the hair that falls out easily attaches to the comb, so it is not difficult to clean after use. However, this comb can get dusty over time. So, pay attention to the storage, yes.

Similar to a rubber comb, a mitt brush is also suitable for cats who don't like to be combed. This comb has a glove-like shape that has silicone serrations. Your cat will feel like it's being petted, so it won't bother you. The use of this comb is also suitable for dealing with hair loss.

A flexible comb will better adapt to the curves of the cat's body. However, this type of rubber comb is not suitable for combing dreadlocks.

Bristle type, to make hair look shiny

One of the beauties of cats is seen in the quality of their fur. To create beautiful hair, regular care is needed to keep the hair healthy and well-groomed. Healthy hair will look shiny and smooth and not rough or brittle.

To make the cat's fur shiny/shiny, you can do this by providing additional supplements for skin and coat nutrition. In addition, you also have to be diligent in combing their fur. You can use this bristle-type comb to keep your cat's coat shiny.

A bristle comb is used to make the cat's coat look shiny. For long-haired cats, it is recommended to choose a hard comb that has uneven teeth length.

Meanwhile, for cats with short hair (medium hair or short hair), look for a fine comb that has an even length of teeth. Unfortunately, this comb is quite rare in the Indonesian market. For that, you can consider other types of combs that are easier to find.

A special type of undercoat for cats in the shedding period

The special undercoat comb is suitable for use when the cat is in a period of shedding or shedding. This comb removes the hair that is inside (undercoat) while the outer hair (top coat) remains intact. One of the special undercoat combs is the de-matting brush.

A regular cat comb may be able to remove the hair that has fallen out. However, this comb is able to reach more undercoat as you comb. However, be careful not to over-comb as this can damage your cat's top coat.

During the breeding seasons, pregnant conditions, and after giving birth, cats will usually experience stress. Not infrequently, this condition will affect their skin and fur. Many cats experience molting during this condition.

Many old hairs fall out to replace with new feathers. If it is not helped by combing, usually, the hairs that have fallen out will clump together (dreadlocks). Especially the fur that is hidden on the inside. The self-grooming activities that cats do usually don't reach deep inside. Dreadlocks that are formed if left unchecked will cause skin problems.

Comb type, to remove unwanted hair

The comb type is used when you want to cut or remove unwanted hair from areas near the cat's skin. You can also massage the cat by gently patting the tip of the comb's teeth against the cat's body. However, a comb with sharp teeth can injure your cat's skin. So, you should choose a product with a rounded tooth tip.

Long hair cats, such as Maine Coons, Persians, Angoras, and so on, with a lot of hair loss, may not be able to be completely combed using this comb. So, it's better if you use a slicker brush or a pin brush to untangle the matted hair first. Then for sensitive parts, such as the face, stomach, and buttocks, choose a comb-type comb that can also remove lice at the same time.

Pin brush type for untangling bristles

Cats whose maintenance is not full indoors usually often experience matted and dull fur due to dirt. If left unchecked, these tangled hairs will eventually form dreadlocks. If you have dreadlocks, it will be more difficult to clean them. Choose this type of comb to make it easier to rearrange your cat's tangled hair.

The pin brush is suitable for long-hair and short-hair cats that have voluminous fur. This is because this comb can break down tangled hair. In addition, this type of comb can also provide a massage effect when used gently. However, choose a comb with rounded tips so as not to injure the cat.

It should be noted there are some comb products with teeth that are very flexible, so it is easy to bend when used. So, first check the strength of the teeth of the comb before buying it, yes. If you buy through an online shop, also pay attention to the description of the comb material or try asking the seller.


Slicker brush type to remove matted hair or dreadlocks

To remove clumps of fur, choose a slicker brush. This comb is able to lift the cat's hair from the roots little by little until the tangled fur is unraveled. Comb the fur upwards using both hands. The boundary between the hair and the skin will be easily visible so combing the hair roots is not difficult.

If you are worried about hurting your cat's skin, you can choose a comb with rounded tooth tips and find it on cindyone. Although its ability to remove tangles is still inferior to a wide-toothed comb, it tends to be safer.


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